We invite you to review our policies
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into the carefully selected criteria of
ACATIS Fair Value Investment AG.

Engagement Policy

Generally speaking, engagement means taking an active stance in favour of something. At ACATIS Fair Value Investment AG (AFV), naturally this means engagement in favour of sustainability. For the ACATIS Fair Value funds, we are already evaluating the CO2 footprint, we commission climate scenarios for the portfolios and we support and participate in social and ecological projects; moreover, ACATIS Fair Value Investment AG is also a climate-neutral organisation [...]

Voting policy

Exercising voting rights in the ACATIS Fair Value funds is an important instrument for encouraging companies to become more sustainable. At the Annual General Meetings, shareholders also vote on important issues that include ESG aspects. Many investors have recognised the importance of shareholder rights, and they exercise their voting rights with intention [...]

Derivative Policy

In the ACATIS Fair Value funds, derivatives are solely used for hedging purposes in order to reduce the volatility in the portfolio. Derivatives are financial instruments that are derived from an underlying asset (e.g. stocks, bonds, indices); they are used to improve the risk/yield allocation. Less volatility in the fund increases the target group for sustainable investments, as it opens the fund to customers that have a lower risk classification [...]