Der Nachhaltigkeitsprozess


Our selection process for suitable investments consists of two processes - the sustainability process and the value investment process 

Titles are subjected to a sustainability rating. Sustainability specialist ACATIS Fair Value Investment supplies the stock universe for the funds. An independent sustainability advisory board monitors the sustainability criteria of the funds. 


 First, issuers that breach our exclusion criteria are filtered out over several steps:

· Companies (or their suppliers) that violate the prohibition on child labour. Companies involved in strategic armaments and weapons, embryonic stem cell research, green genetic engineering, corruption and financial fraud, or companies that generate fossil fuels. The criterion “companies excluded from the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund” was also added.

· Also excluded are companies that derive more than 5% of their sales revenues from e.g. alcohol, nuclear energy, gambling, pornography and tobacco. 


Only companies with a positive ESG point score for environment, social issues and governance remain in the sustainability process.


Subsequently, very positive companies that generate a portion of their sales revenues with products or services that contribute to achieving the sustainable growth targets are filtered out.



The sustainability rating for countries, supranational organisations or local entities is also very refined. These issuers are assessed on the basis of the following criteria (among others): Possession of nuclear weapons, death penalty, share of nuclear energy over 15%. Countries that are deemed non-free states according to Freedom House, that have not ratified the UN Convention on Biodiversity, that are rated low in the corruption perception index or that breach the Non-Proliferation Treaty have also been excluded.

Corruption is spreading in more and more countries. Our filter excludes countries affected by corruption. At this time, 94 countries are subjected to the country rating, and only 31 comply with our ethics criteria.


The result - approximately 3,000 companies and bond issuers, and 31 countries that meet our ACATIS Fair Value criteria.


Imug Vigeo Eiris

Our sustainability rating agency analyses the title universe according to our own sustainability process and delivers the results exclusively to ACATIS Fair Value Investment AG every quarter.

imug | rating based in Hanover is a German sustainability rating agency that has been active in the market for sustainable investments for more than 20 years. The company has 40 employees, including 12 analysts.

With over 240 employees (including 200 analysts) in 14 countries and six international partners, Vigeo Eiris is one of the world's largest sustainability rating agencies. A total of 8,000 companies are continuously analysed according to different sustainability filters.

Vigeo Eiris ist mit mehr als 240 Mitarbeitern, davon 200 Analysten, in 14 Ländern und mit sechs internationalen Partnern eine der weltweit größten Nachhaltigkeits-Ratingagenturen. 8000 Unternehmen werden laufend nach verschiedenen Nachhaltigkeitsfiltern analysiert.