Sustainable investment

The resources of our earth are limited, and they are being consumed at an ever-faster rate. More than ever, we must exercise greater care when using natural resources. 
And increasing numbers of investors are rightly investing their money in accordance with sustainable and ethical principles. 

We use 10% of our company profits to support sustainable projects worldwide. Currently, such projects focus on climate protection and education.

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We invest according to Sustainability and Value Principles

Increasing numbers of investors are rightly investing their money in accordance with sustainable and ethical principles. ACATIS Fair Value welcomes this development, because sustainable investments are investments for future generations.

The resources of our earth are limited, and they are being consumed at an ever-faster rate. More than ever, we must exercise greater care when using natural resources. Climate change, air and water contamination are just some of the buzz words that come up in this context. It is also the reason why the ethical, social and ecological activities of companies are becoming more important, and why society's response has become increasingly sensitive to this fact. And it is also demonstrated by the adoption of the UN’s 17 sustainable development targets. As part of our sustainability process, we are already scrutinising and taking into account whether a company makes a contribution to achieving these targets.

ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH specialises in “Value Investing”. The idea of combining this investment style with sustainability and putting it into practice in multiple funds goes back to 2009. And it is not just our sustainability process that is special in this regard; the combination of sustainability and the value investment style is another unique selling point of the ACATIS Fair Value funds. In our own studies, we also found that combining value and sustainability generates higher-than-average returns over the long term. Plus, companies that cover the sustainable development targets with more than 50% of their product and service sales also perform better.

The Swiss investment boutique ACATIS Fair Value Investment AG is the sustainability specialist for the ACATIS Fair Value funds.

Sustainability and value principles are implemented in the ACATIS Fair Value funds in the investment classes stocks and bonds, and also for asset management. Naturally, we also offer asset-managing mandates and customised solutions. We would we pleased to assist you with solving your financial questions.

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For the ACATIS Fair Value funds, we search out companies that manage the world’s resources responsibly.

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Our investment funds have received the FNG seal of approval and the European Transparency logo for sustainability funds.

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Fair Value Investing

We look for securities whose intrinsic value is higher than the market capitalisation, that include a margin of safety and that promise positive price developments in the future.

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ACATIS Fair Value offers a tailored combination of funds with different earning opportunities and risk classifications. 

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ACATIS Fair Value Aktien Global

ACATIS Fair Value Aktien Global mainly invests in shares of international companies that comply with sustainability principles. 

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ACATIS Aktien Deutschland ELM

ACATIS Aktien Deutschland ELM is the first sustainable equity fund that invests solely in German companies according to our sustainability criteria.

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ACATIS Fair Value Modulor Vermögensverwaltungsfonds

With broad diversification and investments in different undervalued investment classes, along with active hedging, this fund aims for steady value growth with minimum price fluctuations.

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Transparency code

The transparency code is awarded by EUROSIF (European Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum). The transparency logo for sustainable mutual funds has provided additional transparency in the sustainable investment market since May 2008. The European transparency logo for sustainability funds is awarded to the signatories of the European SRI Transparency Code. It aims to provide investors with a quick and safe way to determine whether and where they can find detailed information about the sustainable investment strategy of an investment product.

FNG seal: The quality standard for sustainable investments

The sustainability seal is awarded by the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG). Funds that have received this seal meet the quality standards for sustainable investments in the German-speaking region, which were developed by FNG. The three ACATIS Fair Value funds have been regularly certified since the seal of approval was introduced in 2015. All certified funds pursue a stringent and transparent sustainability approach.

Principles for responsible investing (PRI)

ACATIS Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH is a signatory of the UN PRI. This independent investor initiative, which was founded in 2006, is supported by the UN and represents an international investor network that has established and strives to implement six principles for responsible investing. The signatories contribute to a more sustainable global financial system. At this time, there are over 3,000 signatories from all continents.